Morphe 25 Ways To Glam Brush & Sponge Collection


  • Manufactured by: Morphe Brushes


Ready to blend it all? So are we. This lineup of synthetic brushes for your eyes and face, plus two mini beauty sponges, gives you everything you need to rock a beat that’s full-on fab. Take it there, Morphe Babe.



  1. Deluxe Buffer Brush - Buff a move with everyone’s fave brush. The foundation of a filter-free complexion is now in your hands.
  2. Deluxe Powder Brush - Get ready for bronzed babe status with this tapered bronzer brush and radiate some serious sun-kissed vibes.
  3. Mini Complexion Blending Beauty Sponge - This bullet-shaped foundation sponge is made for streak-free application, concealing imperfections, and flawless blending. 
  4. Mini Highlight & Contour Beauty Sponge - This sponge is made to give you the ultimate control and an airbrushed finish when contouring, highlighting, and baking. 
  5. Under Eye Bullet Brush - Get on top of your concealer game with this precise, rounded blender brush that softly and seamlessly smooths things over.
  6. Mini Buffer Brush - This mini magician can handle all the tough, hard-to-reach spots and even tackle under-eye application issues.
  7. Pointed Concealer Brush - A flat, angled concealer brush to reach all the spots for spot-on coverage.
  8. Angled Contour Brush - This is how perfectly blended contour happens.
  9. Round Blush Brush - Blend it all with the help of this round blush brush that's perfect for creating a flirty flush.
  10. Pointed Round Highlighter Brush - Highlight all your strengths with this ultra-precise brush. 
  11. Firm Shadow Brush - If you want pigment in just the right spot (and nowhere else) this brush is your go-to.
  12. Oval Shadow Brush - Take a turn for the bolder with this thick brush for packing on color.
  13. Liquid Shadow Brush - Use this brush to swipe on liquid eyeshadow formulas and get a perfectly smooth finish.
  14. Blender Brush - Buff and blend with this babe that is amazing in the lower lash line—or wherever else.
  15. Detail Blender Brush - Blend everything out, pack on some intense color, and smoke out your liner. 
  16. Large Round Blender Brush - The fluffy, full-domed tip knows how to blend and diffuse crease color like no other.
  17. Pointed Deluxe Blender Brush - Nail the perfect cut-crease thanks to this rounded brush that diffuses lines and then some.
  18. Round Pencil Crease Brush - Power to this pencil crease brush that deposits rich, vivid color to create eye-catching looks
  19. Smudger Brush - For a smoky, expertly blended lower lash line look no further than this handly lil’ smudger.
  20. Brow Highlighter Brush - Keep your brow game strong with this brush that can really drop the pop.
  21. Angled Brow/Spoolie Brush - This two-in-one dream team will take you straight to brow heaven.
  22. Flat Detail Liner Brush - This sleek, flat brush is the way to super-precise eyeliner.
  23. Angle Liner Brush - Amp up your sultry stare with this fine, firm brush for perfect strokes of eyeliner.
  24. Oval Lip Brush - A lip brush so detailed with color placement and cleanup, you'll wanna lock lips with it all day long.
  25. Angled Lip Brush - This lip brush is angled, so you’re all set to create a perfectly precise line with your lippies.

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